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If your song has legs, you score runs; if not, it’s a wicket.

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I have very fond memories of playing ‘Pub Cricket’ with my sister on long car journeys, when we were kids. Excitedly counting the number of legs in  pub’s names as we drove past, and being disappointed when there were none, and hearing Dad shout ‘Wicket!’. However efforts to recreate this with my own kids proved futile as they’d rather listen to their iPods than count legs on pubs signs with their dad. So I turned Pub Cricket into Pop Cricket, meaning that they could play along using their favourite songs, and I could get away with listening to some of mine.

The full story of how Pop Cricket came to be is detailed in my book My Old Man’s a Busman, which includes Pop Cricket games (based on Top 10 lists) at the end of each chapter.

I hope that you’ll  subscribe to the podcast and are enjoy listening to the guest interviews and games of Pop Cricket. If you’ve already listened to a couple and fancy getting more involved, then check out the downloadable document how to play along.

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Episode 13: Cliff, Choirs and being in the greatest band that never was

Pete talks to Netty about the highs and lows of being in love with Cliff Richard, David Cassidy fandom, playing the purple bass guitar, choir therapy, being in the greatest band that never made it, and charity songs, the number of legs on a ‘Meatloaf’ and the ‘Ahaas from the Elbow’ joke for the second episode in a row, during a game of Pop Cricket.