Podcast Notes & Links

Detailed notes and related links for each episode can be found within the BLOG section of this website.


Episode 18 (Due Nov 2018)

Last in the trilogy with Razorlight’s Shian (Christian) Smith.

See also Episodes 1 and 8.


Episode 17 (Due Oct 2018)

Elvis Tribute Artist, Garry J Fowley.


Episode 16

Badly Drawn Boy & Audioweb’s Rob File reminisces on life in a band at the height of the ‘Madchester’ scene. Explicit warning on this one (language and drug references).


Episode 14 & 15

A two-parter with actress Monika Miles where we chat about life as an upcoming actress, her latest movies and the perils of the casting couch!


Episode 13

Janette ‘Netty’ Blake chats about the highs & lows of being a Cliff Richard fan, other pop star obsessions, the joy of being in a community choir and in the greatest band that never was!


Episode 12

Nigel Timms treats us to a rendition of his funeral song on the ukulele and chats about his first musical purchases, the perils of audio cassettes in the car and the vagaries of social media.


Episode 10 & 11

A two-parter with Britain’s Got Talent’s magic consultant, Dan Boyles. He goes behind the scenes of BGT and the Magic Circle as well as regaling stories of entertaining the troops in Afghanistan, and doing live magic on the podcast.


Episode 9

Dave McNulty takes us on a romp through 25 years of music, concerts, TV, movies, comedy, discussing whether we are becoming more or less PC, and how we created the greatest ever music promotion.


Episode 8

Brothers Shian (Christian) Smith – Pancorvo & Ben Fox – Smith, of Razorlight, Serafin & Stony Sleep discuss their Mum being a bunny girl and being taught to swim by Tarzan, and we play a ‘World Cup’ knockout of bands also containing male siblings.


Episode 7

Jonathan ‘Joff’ Gilbert quizzes Pete on all things pod; how it all started, is it what he expected? fantasy guests and who’s been his favourite guest so far. No game of Pop Cricket in this one.


Episode 6

Cross-Channel swimmer Chris Minall tells how it all started, training regimes, that cold cold ocean and the disappointment of not having his favourite tracks blaring out across the ocean.


Episode 5

Serafin, Stony Sleep & Young Sawbones’ Ben Fox – Smith reveals the lows…and highs of being a teenager in a 90s rock band, and we discuss the lighter side of veganism.


Episode 4

Jonathan ‘Joff’ Gilbert remembers when we first talked about doing a podcast together…decades ago! blogging & vlogging, and we talk in detail about how we got Hazel O’Connor’s song Will You used in a Terry’s All Gold TV ad.


Episode 3

BAFTA nominated TV producer Nicola Bathurst chats about how documentaries are commissioned and made; including Gogglebox, Ladette to Lady, One Born Every Minute & The Cruise.


Episode 2

Zoologist and adventurer Andy Richards tells tales of giant spiders in Oz, Cycling from Land’s End to John ‘O Groats and walking 50 miles in a day, to win a badge.


Episode 1

Razorlight’s Shian (Christian) Smith – Pancorvo started it all off with tales from life in his various bands which also include: Stony Sleep, Serafin, Genre 18, Toad & Frog, and French Car & the Bulimic Wizards.