31st October 2018

Ghost Bustin’

One of Richard Herrings ‘emergency questions’, in his Leicester Square Theatre Podcast (aka RHLSTP) is: ‘Have you ever seen a Ghost?’ What ghosts really look like (obvs!) The responses tend to be amusing or, for comedic effect, pointedly short. ‘NO’. In the same way that I like to see whose […]
11th October 2018

Pop Cricket podcast: Episode 12 – Always look on the bright side

Pete & Nigel Timms recording only the second episode in Shedquarters The title of this episode becomes clear when Nigel Timms treats us to a live Ukulele version of his funeral song! Nigel recalls that the only other episode to date, recorded in Shedquarters had been Nicole Bathurst in Episode […]
11th October 2018

Pop Cricket podcast: Episode 3 – From Ladette to Lush

Nic with glass of fizz in hand, Pete (& Gia) in Shedquarters This was a last minute planned affair, with Nic having come to our house for a quick visit around her hectic TV schedule. She kindly agreed to do the podcast on one condition, that she had a supply […]
11th October 2018

Pop Cricket podcast: Episode 2 – A Modern Day Adventurer

Andy Richards questions why Pete did not discuss dress code before this photo! While Andy & I are work colleagues, this episode of the Pop Cricket podcast focuses on his daring-do (and often ‘mad’) adventures. I summarise Andy’s more recent adventures which include a Lands End to John O’Groats bike […]
18th September 2018

Pop Cricket Podcast: Episode 15 – Casting an Ice Queen’s bum double!

This Pop Cricket podcast is part deux of my exclusive interview with actress Monika Miles (War Games & The Wall of Lyon, to name but two of her film and TV appearances). Part one was a short one, as I couldn’t resist the teaser about half an hour in… how […]
3rd September 2018

Pop Cricket Podcast – Episode 14: The next Bond villain?

Alternate titles for this episode were ‘The Ice Queen’, ‘The Viking Princess’ & ‘How far will she go?’ My interview with the lovely Monika Miles, for the Pop Cricket podcast, had been planned for ages.’ I’ve got a hot actress lined up’, I would boast, following her agreeing to do […]
28th August 2018

Episode 13 – Cliff, Choirs & the best band that never was…

I’ve been reprimanded…again! Thrice! I’ve not been keeping up with my blogs. I’ve not been keeping up with my podcast notes & links. I should publish my podcast notes & links as my blog. So in order to start making amends, I’ll update some pod notes & links, as blogs. […]
15th June 2018

The Pop Cricket podcast – Wide Eyed & Legless!

We’ve broken the 2000 download barrier with Episode 9 of the ; featuring Dave McNulty, Robbie Williams’ cousin; with tales of underwear stealing, which is also outlined within the pages of My Old Man’s a Busman. What next? Well I’m planning a couple of repeat guests; another Q&A […]
1st June 2018

How Robbie Williams’ Cousin broke through Pop Cricket’s 2000 downloads!

My (somewhat shameful) history with Robbie Williams is well documented in the book My Old Man’s a Busman – in a chapter entitled I stole Robbie Williams’ Underpants! The book was going to be called this, and in hindsight probably should have been, but I was concerned at the time […]