Pop Cricket podcast: Episode 2 – A Modern Day Adventurer

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18th September 2018
Pop Cricket podcast: Episode 3 – From Ladette to Lush
11th October 2018
Andy Richards questions why Pete did not discuss dress code before this photo!

While Andy & I are work colleagues, this episode of the Pop Cricket podcast focuses on his daring-do (and often ‘mad’) adventures.

I summarise Andy’s more recent adventures which include a Lands End to John O’Groats bike ride and a 50 mile Pier to Pier walk and ask Andy to take us back over his early career which include;

Studying Biology, Plant Biology & Zoology at Bangor University, and Andy reveals that his motivation had been David Attenborough, his fantasy uncle and my top dinner party guest.

Andy never missed an episode of Wildlife on One

His early plan was to work in the US…but NOT sweeping up poo in a zoo (like Johnny Morris in Animal Magic), but ended up working in a bank in the UK…and losing £5k!

Johnny Morris talks with the animals

Finally deciding to follow his dream and ending up in Oz, via a disappointing experience in the US, and discovering that Australia had a rain forest (a fact that had managed to pass him by, although not the producers of I’m a Celebrity get me out of here) and became a ‘guided rainforest walk tour’ guide.

Golden Orb Weaver – what’s the tensile strength of its web?

I ask Andy about his motivation for doing extreme events, other than raising lots of money for charity.

Andy cycled from LE to JOG with Nigel (from episode 12)

In episode 12, Nigel says that he learnt more about Andy by listening to this podcast, than he did by spending eight days cycling the length of the country with him. You’ll also learn more about that bike ride in this episode, as while that was the original planned main topic to discuss with Nigel, as is often the case with these things, we didn’t stick to the plan!

Why would you turn left into Wales?

Andy then talks us through his ‘mad’ 50 mile Pier to Pier walk (including being ‘The face of premier dining’ in Butlins!).

The route. A bit more direct than the Land’s End to John O’Groats cycle (but Andy, Littlehampton was NOT after Bognor!)

The hat that kept the snakes off – all the way from Oz (with Ali)

Ali catches Andy ‘Bonking Out’!after the two foot climb that nearly finished him off




We reminisce about South Park and those Chocolate Salty Balls in a fun game of Pop Cricket


Styx – Come Sail Away


Cartman (South Park) – Come sail Away: Compare with Styx version


Live version (concert) of Isaac Hayes singing Chocolate Salty Balls

Watch this space for Andy’s next challenge. Maybe a 250 mile cycle in a day or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro!


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