Episode 17: Was Animal the best drummer of all time?

Razorlight’s Christian Smith (Shian) talks to Pete about why he left Razorlight, the lowdown on Johnny Burrell, how on earth Dave Grohl made it sooo big, who the best drummers of all time are, and of course he challenges Pete to a game of Pop Cricket

Episode 16 – Madchester; Cold Noodles, A new black jumper & Dave the Potter saves the day

Badly Drawn Boy & Audioweb’s Robin File reminisces on his time as part of the Madchester scene in the 90s; featuring tales of Bono, Ian Brown, Happy Mondays, TFI Friday, Rebel MC. Meeting Kylie, Joe Strummer and (nearly) Mick Jones; Dave the Potter, cold noodles and that black jumper

Episode 15 – Casting an Ice Queen’s bum double!

Part deux of Pete’s exclusive interview with actress, Ice Queen & Viking Princess, Monika Miles. How far will she go to get a part?!, casting a bum double, Kiera Knightly, Tom Cruise, meeting James Cordon, Game of Thrones, castings post Harveygate, A fierce game of Pop Cricket, a new champion? more talk of Chocolate Oranges, and of course…so much more.

Episode 14: The next ‘Bond Girl’?

Pete chats with actress Monika Miles about her early life in Poland, coming to the UK via the US and Sweden, odd jobs, becoming an actress and early career roles, her forthcoming pre Bond Girl baddie role and where she draws the line with what she’s asked to wear!

This is part 1 of a two part interview. part 2 features the Pop Cricket game

Episode 13: Cliff, Choirs and being in the greatest band that never was

Pete talks to Netty about the highs and lows of being in love with Cliff Richard, David Cassidy fandom, playing the purple bass guitar, choir therapy, being in the greatest band that never made it, and charity songs, the number of legs on a ‘Meatloaf’ and the ‘Ahaas from the Elbow’ joke for the second episode in a row, during a game of Pop Cricket.

Episode 12: Always look on the bright side…

Pete chats to Nigel Timms in ‘Shedquarters’ about early CD players, getting tapes out of car cassette players, changing tapes at 50 mph! first music purchases and we have a long game of Pop Cricket, played differently this time around. Pete cheats, tells a terrible Elbow (the group) based joke and gets Nigel to play his funeral song on the ukulele.

Episode 11 – Abracadabra (Part 2 – Maggie Duvet!)

Dan Boyles (magician & Britain’s Got Talent Magic Consultant) talks about his experiences entertaining the troops in Afghanistan, we play another controversial game of Pop Cricket, Dan gets his own back with magic tricks and trying to convince me that his Top 10 influenced me all along!

Episode 10a: ‘Abracadabra’ – is Magic Real?

In this two-part episode, Pete chats with Dan Boyles, Magic Consultant to the BGT franchise (Britain’s Got Talent) & ‘A’ list TV magicians.We discuss how Dan got into magic, who inspired him, why all UK Magician’s owe Fay Presto a pint, Derren & David, getting into the Magic Circle…and ‘is magic real?’. The Pop Cricket game & live magic will be in part 2 (it’s a good one).

Episode 9: Does Pete really know Robbie Williams’ Cousin?

Pete chats to old mate Dave McNulty (who just happens to be Robbie Williams’ cousin…yes really!) on their 25th ‘wedding anniversary’ about Robbie, executive producing a Callard & Bowser toffee promotional tape, Mosh pits & wheelchair parks at Quo gigs, Dave wanting to ghost write Pete’s next book, The Macc Lads, Rolf Harris (Dave sings ‘big dog’!) and fancying Suzi Quatro, and enjoying oneself to Pink Floyd! in a close and controversial game of Pop Cricket.

Episode 8: Our Mum was a Bunny Girl (and Tarzan taught her to swim)

This episode sees the return of both Shian (Christian) and Ben Smith of Razorlight, Serafin & Stony Sleep (as well as Episodes 1 and 5) fame. We recall how Tarzan taught their Mum to swim, how she was a 70s ‘Bunny Girl’ and Ben’s ‘beef’ with Liam. We play a World Cup style knockout competition with other bands containing two brothers and of course Pop Cricket, where only a Dinosaur stops the boys from getting the correct score.

Episode 7: Who’s been your favourite guest so far?

Pete welcomes back Jonathan a.k.a. Joff from Episode 4 to host this ‘behind the curtains’ look at the Pop Cricket podcast. No game of Pop Cricket today, but plenty of chat about it with Joff asking ‘who’s been your favourite guest?’, ‘why don’t you let your guests win?’ and ‘Who would you like on the podcast if you get to 100 episodes?’ Pete forgets more than one question during his ramblings about various things including Chesil cars, other podcasters (Richard Herring, Adam Buxton & Scroobius Pip), B-sides of records and live recordings.

This episode is NOT sponsored by Terry’s Chocolate Orange or Chesil Motors!

Episode 6: How many lengths is the Channel?

Pete talks to Channel swimmer Chris Minall about dreaming of swimming the channel while relaxing by the pool in Italy, Blue Peter, boat pilots playing ‘catch me’, star spangled trunks, and the legend of Disraeli Gears , guilty pleasures and slowed down Beatle’s tracks, during one of the longest games of Pop Cricket so far.

Episode 5: Honey! I’m gunked in vids.

Pete talks to Serafin & Stony Sleep frontman, Ben Fox Smith, about life in his bands during the 90’s and noughties, toilet tours, celebrity fans, playing cricket & trivial pursuits, wild camels, veganism, Bono’s shopping centre in Bulgaria and legless gods and youthful cheese during their game of Pop Cricket.

Episode 4 – Hazel O’Connor owes Pete a pint (and Joff, a half)

Pete digs deep into Joff’s memories of when they first planned a podcast, the advent of Pop Cricket and why Hazel O’Conner owes Pete a pint and Joff a half. They consider what unboxing video’s may have looked like ‘back in the day’, their big sister, Netty’s, obsession with Patrick Swayze’s dangly bits, the blind singers conspiracy and finally, how many legs does ‘man’s best friend’ have, in a very competitive game of Pop Cricket.

Episode 3 – From Ladettes to Lush

Pete talks to BAFTA nominated TV Producer Nicola Bathurst about going ‘all TV’, the making of her series’ (including Ladette to Lady, One Born Every Minute and The Cruise), the wonders of ‘Shedquarters’, her hatred of Dire Straits, and ‘The Lost French & Saunders Clip’…along with playing an argumentative variation of Pop Cricket.

Episode 2 – A Modern Day Adventurer

Pete talks to zoologist Andrew Richards about Giant Orb Weavers, being lost in the Aussie rainforest, turning left into Wales on the way to John o’Groats, bonking out!, being the face of Butlin’s Premier Dining and Cartman’s mom being a dirty slut – during a game of Pop Cricket.

Episode 1 – From Stony Sleep to Razorlight

Featuring Shian (a.k.a Christian) Smith-Pancorvo, former drummer with Razorlight and Stony Sleep (amongst others), we discuss Shian’s early music career, life in 90s bands, drugs, Denise Van Outen’s leg make up, and of course play Pop Cricket.

Star Wars Test

A fun few minutes with Trish while we were testing the podcast set-up

The Rules of Pop Cricket

A fun few minutes with Trish while we were testing the podcast set-up