Pop Cricket podcast: Episode 3 – From Ladette to Lush

Pop Cricket podcast: Episode 2 – A Modern Day Adventurer
11th October 2018
Pop Cricket podcast: Episode 12 – Always look on the bright side
11th October 2018

Nic with glass of fizz in hand, Pete (& Gia) in Shedquarters

This was a last minute planned affair, with Nic having come to our house for a quick visit around her hectic TV schedule. She kindly agreed to do the podcast on one condition, that she had a supply of fizz throughout. That she did, as you will hear, and that instigated the title of this episode. ‘Ladette’ as she was responsible for the TV show Ladette to Lady, and ‘Lush’, because…well, she is!

This was also the first Pop Cricket podcast to be recorded in what is fondly referred to as ‘Shedquarters’, and after an introductory (and shape of things to come) ‘whoohoo’ from Nic, and explanation of how to pronounce her surname (Bath as in Cath or Barth as in staff), she describes some of the contents at the beginning of the interview.

Lady Apsley

‘Holy Smoke, Batman’

We chat about some of Bafta nominated Nicola Bathurst’s ‘character led TV documentaries’ which include: One born every minute, Ladette to Lady (which I manage to get wrong!), Junk Food Kids, and The Cruise , where she feels that she is in her career right now (between runner & head of channel).

Nicola Bathurst then outlines her role and how TV programmes get commissioned and made, including great insight and her role on Gogglebox, would watching Peter Kaye pickling eggs be funny? the discovery of The Cruise’s Nico, and what would happen if filming started and no one was interesting!

It can be as simple as someone seeing this headline for a show to be commissioned

Behind the scene chat about series one of Ladette to Lady

Rosemary Shrager. A ladette at heart!

We play a variation on the game of Pop Cricket, based on best-selling albums of all time (since 1970), where Nic challenges (argues) about most of the rules, we have THAT Bat debate, Nic surprises Pete with her working knowledge of Eagles Hotel California lyrics, we imagine Celine Dion at Asada and Nic vents her hatred of Dire Straits.

We go back to her BAFTA Nomination for One born every minute, discuss why September is the highest month for births, Comic Relief and French & Saunders spoofs.


The original Shakespeare Sister’s Stay


Dawn French & Jennifer Saunders spoof Shakespeare’s Sister


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