Pop Cricket Podcast: Episode 15 – Casting an Ice Queen’s bum double!

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3rd September 2018
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11th October 2018

This Pop Cricket podcast is part deux of my exclusive interview with actress Monika Miles (War Games & The Wall of Lyon, to name but two of her film and TV appearances).

Part one was a short one, as I couldn’t resist the teaser about half an hour in… how far would she go to get that part? This episode started with the last couple of minutes of the previous one to set that up again…

I push my luck and ask how naked she would get for a part – ‘depends which part’ she replies…chuckles ensue!

I offer (as if it’s within my gift), two series of Games of Thrones with three scenes of nudity. I receive a cagey ‘if it was relevant to the part’. So that’s a yes (don’t tell her mum)!

Emilia Clarke getting naked in Game of Thrones

I am informed that you’re never really naked on set because there’s some body-stocking / Photoshop interplay, which we discuss and it leads to body doubles and ‘bum doubles’ discussions – specifically Kiera Knightley’s (and Ms Monika Miles’)!

Kiera Knightly – allegedly had a bum double in the movie Domino (why?)

We chat about her early career including; set dressing, being tied to a tree in The Waiting Chase, Taggart and meeting jolly James Cordon on the set of Heroes & Villains

Heroes & Villains – James Cordon

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFr3lumtOjw (with maybe the weakest face slap in TV history)

Then we break and play Pop Cricket – spoiler alert…I lose for the first time in fifteen episodes!

Monika Miles POP CRICKET Top 10

Many movie refs in this part of the pod’ including: Atomic Blonde, The Goonies, Baby Driver and John Wick (where I lose the inability to pronounce Keanau (as in Reeves’ name) and as I never plan to lose, I don’t have the winner’s prize (the obligatory Terrys Chocolate Orange to hand over).

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2TjhKcv8RI (Classic 1980 Indiana Jones spoof)

Back to the actressing chat and I ask her what it’s like being a Teenage boy’s bedroom fantasy! being stalked on social media and castings (post harveygate).

Picturegoer does an exposé on ‘the casting couch’ in 1956!

We discuss fitness regimes for physically demanding movies (including her forthcoming move Brawl), how Tom (as in Cruise) gets away with it and forthcoming movies Brawl & The Shade

Tom Cruise – Continues to defy death & Hollywood in the Mission Impossible franchise

…and finally, I wangle an invite to a forthcoming Premier (along with all the others)

Monika Miles & Daniel Barber at the Premier of The Wall of Lyon


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