Pop Cricket podcast: Episode 12 – Always look on the bright side

Pop Cricket podcast: Episode 3 – From Ladette to Lush
11th October 2018
Ghost Bustin’
31st October 2018

Pete & Nigel Timms recording only the second episode in Shedquarters

The title of this episode becomes clear when Nigel Timms treats us to a live Ukulele version of his funeral song!

Nigel recalls that the only other episode to date, recorded in Shedquarters had been Nicole Bathurst in Episode 3 (he has after all heard them all in detail as he edits this podcast) and touch on his bike ride with Andy Richards (discussed in detail in Episode 2). We agree to play Pop Cricket differently as Nigel, having heard every episode numerous times, as editor, has an unfair advantage.

We reminisce that we may have met over 30 years previously, in Woolworths!

Did Pete sell Pop Cricket’s flagship confection, Terry’s Chocolate Oranges, to Nigel?


And discuss early music playing devices and his first CD purchase, Love over Gold by Dire Straits (listen to episode 3 for Nicola Bathurst’s rant at how much she hates them!), the Woolie’s (Woolworths’) bargain bin and the relative costs of CDs, then & now.

Nigel’s first CD player (Phillips CD 150)


We then regress to audio tapes, splicing and the trials of car stereo cassette players.

This is what we used to record the Top 40 on. Microphone in front of the radio

Following Jonathan Gilbert’s (a.k.a. Joff) persistent questioning in Episode 6, Nigel confirms that Episode 5 with Cross-channel swimmer Chris Minall is his favourite to date (despite Chris having not listened to it yet as he can’t stand hearing his own voice) but questions why he’s on the podcast as well, and we discuss how the popularity of episodes maybe down to the vagaries of social media.

Chris Minall, mid channel. Chris take note. People like your episode

Nigel notices Pete’s Pop Cricket mug


We play a new, extended version of Pop Cricket where Sade comes up again, Pete catches Nigel out with a terrible joke about Aha and Elbow, we talk about Live Aid and a recent TV spoof, debate how many proper tracks there really are on Abbey Road and a quick live interlude by Nigel on the Uke, sparks a conversation about how annoying it is to be asked to play George Formby songs. There’s of debates over names, and Pete cheats for the first time!

Sade Adu promoting her debut single back in the 80s.


Urban Myths – Backstage at Live Aid

Pete is derogatory about the Uke by asking Nigel to play some ‘plinkity plonk music live’, but Nigel obliges by playing the podcast out with Always look on the Brightside of life.

Pete accompanies Nigel on his funeral song!

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