How To Play Along

These quick rules will get you started and help follow along with the podcasts. If you’re interested in more detail then please feel free to download the ‘How to Play’ document below

Quick Rules:

  1. Runs are scored by the number of legs that can be attributed to the song title e.g. The Lion Sleeps Tonight would score 4 runs
  2. An indeterminate number of legs scores 12. This would include plurals & pronouns, such as Brothers in Arms and Everybody Wants to Rule the World
  3. Solo singers score 2, duos 4 etc. and groups all score 12 (regardless of the number of people in the group)
  4. If the singer or group sound like something with legs e.g. Cat Stevens or Curiosity Killed the Cat, then these legs would apply (4 in these examples)
  5. Wickets are lost (taken, or fall) if there are no legs in the song title, so Purple Rain would count as a wicket
  6. Game can be played listening to the radio, playlists or, as in the podcasts, with written lists of songs