The Pop Cricket podcast – Wide Eyed & Legless!

How Robbie Williams’ Cousin broke through Pop Cricket’s 2000 downloads!
1st June 2018
Episode 13 – Cliff, Choirs & the best band that never was…
28th August 2018

We’ve broken the 2000 download barrier with Episode 9 of the ; featuring Dave McNulty, Robbie Williams’ cousin; with tales of underwear stealing, which is also outlined within the pages of My Old Man’s a Busman.

What next?

Well I’m planning a couple of repeat guests; another Q&A about the Pop Cricket podcast – a behind the scenes exposé – with Joff (previous guest on episodes 4 and 7) and a further one with Sian (Christian) Smith – Pancorvo (Episodes 1 and 8) where we’ll explore his Razorlight days (he was their drummer) and the (sometimes dark) themes and exploits contained within his autobiography ‘From Stony Sleep to Razorlight’

Any in the can?

The next three episodes are ‘in the can’.

Episodes 10 & 11 are a two-parter with Master Magician, Magic Circle Member, Britain’s Got Talent Magician Producer, Talk Sport Guest Magician / Predictor and TV Magician Trick Creator, Dan Boyles

It’s two parts because there was so much to talk about.

Magic, obviously!

and his recent trip to Afghanistan to entertain the troops, helping Richard jones win BGT (2016), live magic on the podcast, predicting the news the day it goes out… and much more.

Episode 12 is with Nigel ‘Big Hands’ Timms, who not only edits this podcast, he’s cycled from Land’s End to John O’Groats, from Lincoln to Portsmouth…in a day (it takes that long on the coach!), and plays the Uke, which he does on the pod. He doesn’t play the Uke while cycling, note the use of the Oxford comma!

Why Big hands? Coz he has!

Any confirmed?

Yes, most dates tbc as I’m a bit behind with recording due to my damaged shoulder… ‘Extreme Gardening!’

Shian (see above)

Rob Franks a.k.a. Legless Rob.

His story is both amazing and uplifting. Crowd-Funded a leg amputation (as our system refused) and is now back on both legs and pursuing his favourite pastimes, way ahead of predictions. County and England cricketer and recently a guest on Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine Show. Can’t wait to hit him with loads of Pop Cricket songs about legs (or lack of!). Please supply yours.

Monika Mirga) – Actress.

Many a teenage boy’s …pin-up, following her role as Diana in War Games and plays Nina Hall in the forthcoming Shade. I may have to be on my ‘A-game’ with this queen of cool detachment! Hoping to find out what it’s like to be on set, in a movie (I’ve been in one too!), agents, scripts and what it’s like knowing that teenage boys are spending their nights…she may hit me.

Garry J Foley – Elvis Impersonator

As a big fan, a whole chapter in the book dedicated, I’ve seen some in my time and Gary is v.good. He travels all around the world performing as Elvis, and always has the ladies wide eyed.

He’s won loads of competitions, all around the globe, and as well as the obvious, I’ll be asking about the ‘Elvis Conspiracy’ – did he ever visit England incognito?

Not sure yet whether I’ll get a picture with him in costume, or will get him to perform live on the podcast as I’ll be recording on his day off.

Yes of course I’ll ask him why and what his favourite song is…as I’m sure that he’s never been asked that before!

The Curator (a.k.a. Mark Fraser)

No, this is not Dan Boyles!

Mark hosts and runs a couple of successful podcasts from his home in Scotland, as well as being in a band.

As ‘The Curator’, he interviews members of touring bands, but is looking to expand beyond musicians to the wider ‘arts’…step in Pete.

We’re hoping to do a double header, with me talking all things My Old Man’s a Busman (book) and Pop Cricket on his and then me interviewing him about his band, podcasting and of course, playing Pop Cricket.

Laura Catlow – Singer Songwriter

I’m so looking forward to meeting Laura (in Blackpool). She’s mentioned in My Old Man’s a Busman,

her lyrics are used in it, we’ve communicated via email and social, we have a good mutual friend, but we’ve not yet met face to face.

She won’t thank me for saying it, as musically she’s moved on, but her 90s single Gorgeous is, in my humble opinion, one of the perfect pop songs.

That should take us out of summer and into the autumn, and the girls will ensure that the podcast is not just a ‘sausagefest’!

Any planned but unconfirmed?

The following are definite hopefuls, which means that either I know them or somebody that I know does, but we’ve not discussed yet.

Rob Files- Bass Player with Audioweb

John Harle – The most recorded Saxophone player in the UK

Andy Tosney – Rugby League International (80s)

John Roberts – Drummer with the Blockheads

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