My Old Man’s a Busman – Paperback

My Old Man’s a Busman – Hardback
24th January 2018



This book includes the origins of Pop Cricket and includes a game in every chapter.

Whilst there are enough celebrity connections and anecdotes not to be out of place in an ‘A list’ autobiography, the real hook of this book is the viewpoint of the ‘everyman’. Tales of light brushes with celebrity that are seamlessly woven into what for many of us will be a memory jogging, laughter inducing remembrance of some of the major, as well as quainter, stranger and more trivial moments of pop culture over the last few decades.

If you love pop music and pop culture, feared the Daleks, The Childcatcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and mourn the demise of Pez, Cresta, ‘conkers’ as a rite of passage, jokes on lolly sticks, Top of the Pops and pink vinyl limited edition LP’s, then you will surely enjoy this.

This book may waste days (if not weeks) of your life as almost every paragraph will have you frantically typing into your search engine and getting lost on what may turn out to be an endless ‘Internet Safari’.

It’s been kindly described as Nick Hornby meets Mark Radcliffe, giving readers an insight into family life, celebrity culture and all of the adventures our generation has experienced along the way.

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