Pop Cricket Podcast – Episode 14: The next Bond villain?

Episode 13 – Cliff, Choirs & the best band that never was…
28th August 2018
Pop Cricket Podcast: Episode 15 – Casting an Ice Queen’s bum double!
18th September 2018

Alternate titles for this episode were ‘The Ice Queen’, ‘The Viking Princess’ & ‘How far will she go?’

My interview with the lovely Monika Miles, for the Pop Cricket podcast, had been planned for ages.’ I’ve got a hot actress lined up’, I would boast, following her agreeing to do it, and rough arrangements having been made.

Then I damaged my shoulder (in what I like to describe as an ‘extreme gardening’ accident, as that sounds better that ‘gardening’) and then she had to extend a trip to Poland, then we were both busy.

Finally, our busy schedules aligned and we made it happen.

I’ve known Monika for about six years, but I don’t know her too well and as you’ll hear in the podcast she has a reputation for being a bit ‘frosty’ at times, so I thought that I may be in for a hard time and have to work hard to get an interview of any quality or length; although I had plenty of ‘who’s your favourite…’ up my sleeve for the inevitable uncomfortable silences (I thought it best to avoid Richard Herring’s raunchy and rude ‘Emergency Questions’ with this martial arts trained Warrior Queen).

Live action stunt show, showing off her swordswoman skills. Monika Miles is the one on the right!

But, I shouldn’t have worried.

We chatted over a coffee first and she was delightful; smiley, fun and open, which continued throughout the interview. No question on favourite actor required and hardly any editing (other than me giving a complete plot spoiler to her biggest movie to date).

That’s Monika Miles in the ‘W’!

The interview

We started off talking about her stage name (Miles) as many people know her as Mirga, and why she chose to change it, and then her journey from Poland to the UK (via US, Sweden & Poland).

How US TV & movies influenced her & taught her English.

Monika Miles’ favourite movie as a child living in Poland

Early jobs / career including Marine Biology, Geeky computer science & door to door selling (with a story that reflects many a plot line)

The scary house in the woods (Sweden)?

Early roles including Taggart, Heroes & Villains, Mile High & Crystal Ball (see examples in show reel below)


Type casting for a tall blonde female from Eastern Europe and her latest short film The Walls of Lyon where she plays her favourite character.

Monika Miles as ‘Cassini’ in ‘The Walls of Lyon’

Being the next ‘Bond Girl’, ‘tough girl’ image and not liking to wear a dress…ever!

‘Eleanor Dragonov’ would make the perfect ‘Bond’ Villain

…and finally

How little would she wear to get that part (answer in episode 15 – Part deux)?

Classic Sharon Stone scene in ‘Basic Instinct’ (pre-HD days in 1982, so blink and you missed it!)

This is two-parter, partly due to the opportunity of a great cliff hanger about half an hour in; so that, plus the fact that we chatted for about 90 mins in total meant that I split this one; so this serves as a short entrée to the main event.

Post Script

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