Episode 13 – Cliff, Choirs & the best band that never was…

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15th June 2018
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3rd September 2018

I’ve been reprimanded…again! Thrice!

I’ve not been keeping up with my blogs.

I’ve not been keeping up with my podcast notes & links.

I should publish my podcast notes & links as my blog.

So in order to start making amends, I’ll update some pod notes & links, as blogs. I’ll start in reverse and hope to play catch-up.

To be honest, episode 13 was recorded as a bit of a filler, but ended up breaking all of the previous records!

Not that there’s anything wrong with this episode (although we were worried given the unluckiness of the number – would we get to the end and find that it didn’t record!), it just wasn’t planned.

Actress, Monika Miles (episodes 14 & 15) had to take a last minute trip to Poland…

Picture that elicited the Magic Eye joke – ‘Boys, if you stare at this image for long enough – you may see me’

Real ‘Magic Eye’ Image

…and Audioweb’s Robin File had to delay for a couple of weeks.

Rob File (far right). Mr Getty please don’t sue me!



Luckily my sister, Netty (Janette) was due for a visit, and agreed to record an episode; ‘But what will we talk about, who will want to listen to that?’. Little did we know!

So what did we talk about?

Obviously Cliff, choirs and a band!

We chatted about her obsession with Cliff Richard when she was young, the revelation that he was wasn’t straight, and the recent court case decision in his favour.

How her affections moved to David Cassidy and how this 1972 Rolling Stone edition is still the highest selling to date (we believe)…

…and finally to George Michael, charity songs, gypsies fighting, and playing the bass (great use of an Oxford comma for those grammar students or pedants among you).


I forget Alex’s first name (despite this book inspiring my use of ‘Internet Safari’ and ‘Mental Safari’ in my book – My Old Man’s a Busman).

We talk choirs, her choir, the therapeutic nature of choirs and the joy of being in a choir with your daughter



Mum & daughter (Netty & Kellie) 3rd & 4th from right at 0.46

Before the compulsory game of Pop Cricket we reminisce about the greatest band that never was! Worth a listen just for this.

Full story of this along with loads of others can be found in my book.

Signed copies available at:

So how did we do?
Well, this episode is currently sitting at Number 1 of all the episodes (13) so far.
2,293 downloads (as at 26th August 2018). Not bad for a filler and a chat about Cliff and her choir!

Final plea.
If you enjoy reading the blog, listening to the podcast or reading the book. Please share. It’s all we ask.


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